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Welcome to smARTpass!

The arts access program available exclusively to metro public library users! If you have a library card from one of the eight public library systems in the Twin Cities, you have the opportunity to reserve free and/or discounted admission to a wide range of arts experiences.

Start by watching the video, which explains how smARTpass works and reviews important reminders, including:

The cultural organizations have generously agreed to offer a substantial number of free admissions – they are NOT reimbursed for these. Without their willingness to provide free admissions, smARTpass would not exist!

Don’t be a no-show! You can’t put admissions back into inventory and you can’t get those reservations back to use at a future date, so please be sure you can attend when you make the reservation.

Without your feedback, we will not be able to determine whether you value smARTpass. So please let us know what you think.

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How It Works

The same way you enlarge your world through attending programs and classes at your library and checking out a wide range of resources, you are now invited to broaden your cultural experiences beyond the library’s walls through smARTpass, an arts access website offering free and discount admissions to a variety of Twin Cities cultural destinations.