How It Works

Start by watching the video, which explains how smARTpass works and reviews important reminders, including:

There are a few short steps to reserving admissions on the smARTpass site:

  1. Have your library card and your calendar handy.
  2. Login using your library card barcode and PIN.
  3. Find out what kinds of admissions are available by choosing from the search options. You may search by:
    • Date (or date range): you may search up to 60 days forward from the current date
    • Name of organization (click on the "Organizations" tab from any page to see a list of participating organizations)
    • Name of venue (for example, Park Square Theatre or other venues that host a variety of performing arts companies)
    • Location (general area of the Twin Cities metro - options provided)
    • Type of event (dance, music, etc.)
    • Additional search options include: family-friendly, over 18, free, or discount.If you're looking to zero in on a particular type of event, you may find that your searches are most successful when you combine a number of these options. But you'll have a lot more to choose from if you leave the default "all" for most of the search options.
  1. Refer to your calendar so you don't accidentally reserve free admissions for a time when you won't be able to use them. The partners participating in the smARTpass pilot program offer one pair of free admissions/tickets to each smARTpass user. So once you've made a reservation for free admission at each of the participating organizations, you will not be able to make another one. (And you are not able to change your reservation after you've made it, so please be sure you're able to attend!) There are absolutely no exceptions to this, including illness, weather, or whatever else may prevent your attendance. However, partners may make discount tickets available, and you will still be able to take advantage of those.
  1. You may have up to two active reservations at a time. The My Reservations tab will keep track of those for you. So if you reserve admissions a few weeks into the future, you will not be able to take advantage of new offers that might be added to the smARTpass listings. For that reason, we suggest reserving admissions for more immediate dates and/or reserving one date at a time, rather than the maximum of two.
  1. Be sure to follow the directions for each offer carefully. For example, some theaters may require you to call the box office so that they can assign you a reserved seat. Some of them will hold your ticket(s) at Will Call and ask to see your printed smARTpass voucher. You may be asked to show i.d. when you arrive at the venue, as smARTpass admissions are not transferable.Start by watching the video, which explains how smARTpass works and reviews important reminders, including:

The cultural organizations have generously agreed to offer a substantial number of free admissions - they are NOT reimbursed for these. Without their willingness to provide free admissions, smARTpass would not exist!

Don't be a no-show! You can't put admissions back into inventory and you can't get those reservations back to use at a future date, so please be sure you can attend when you make the reservation.

Without your feedback, we will not be able to determine whether you value smARTpass. So please let us know what you think.