Terms Of Use

By using the smARTpass site, you agree to abide by the rules and restrictions described for the site as a whole and for each of the organizations that are providing ticket offers:

  1. You are responsible for carefully reading any alert messages that appear when you are making reservations and for carefully following instructions provided for redeeming each offer.
  2. You understand that participating organizations have restrictions on how many free and/or discount offers you may redeem per year. There are absolutely no exceptions to these restrictions. If you are unable to use a reservation for any reason, that reservation still counts against any stated limits. If you arrive later than the time specified by the offer to redeem tickets, you may forfeit your reservation and it still counts against any stated limits.
  3. You understand that any reservations you make are for use only by you and only on the date specified. Offers are not transferable, and you may be asked to show i.d. in addition to your printed pass when you show up at the venue. You will not attempt to transfer or sell your reservation to another party at any time.
  4. You will not contact a venue/box office to change the date or time of your reservation.
  5. You understand that you may have a maximum of two reservations at a time and that there are no exceptions to this maximum and no way to remove a reservation once you have made it.
  6. You agree to the following disclaimer:


MELSA, the metro public libraries, smARTpass arts partners and smARTpass sponsors are not responsible/liable for any of the following under any circumstances:

  • Lost passes
  • Cancellation of or changes to programs/performances
  • Dissatisfaction with visit/performance
  • Use of information you opt to provide to an organization via email or on site

You understand that you are in no way entitled to reimbursement or reinstatement of reservations for any reason.