Welcome to smARTpass FAQ! If you haven't already read through How It Works and Terms of Use please be sure to do that - lots of good info there.

Q: What is smARTpass?
A: smARTpass is a web-based arts outreach program available exclusively to metro public library cardholders in good standing. It allows you to reserve free and/or discounted admissions to a number of arts experiences in the Twin Cities.

Q: When is smARTpass available?
A: smARTpass has offers available ongoing, though many of them do go very quickly!  We recommend checking often to see what's been added, and signing up on the homepage to receive periodic e-mails about new arts partners, etc.

Q: How do I provide my feedback?
A: There's a link you can click on via the homepage, or you can click here. If your feedback includes questions about how to log-in, change your log-in, or change your e-mail address, please contact your library as a starting point.

Q: How do I log in?
A: The first time you use the smARTpass site you log in with your library card barcode. Depending which library system you use, you may also need to enter your PIN. (The blank to enter a PIN will appear after you enter your barcode if it's needed. If a blank for a PIN doesn't appear, you don't need one.)

Q: What if smARTpass doesn't recognize my library card barcode?
A: Check your barcode with your library; unpaid fines or an expired library card may prevent you from logging in to smARTpass.

Q: Do I need a password?
A: No; if you're getting a prompt for a password you may be trying to log in as an arts partner instead of a user. Be sure you're starting with the library card barcode log-in field blank.

Q: Is there a limit to the number admissions I can reserve?
A: Yes; you may make *one* free reservation per organization per year (on an availability basis) and "year" refers to the program year, which is September 2018 through August 2019, rather than a calendar year. However, many organizations offer discount admissions, and the discount admissions are treated separately from the free admissions.

Q: How were the arts organizations chosen?
A: A large number of arts organizations were invited to participate, and the wonderful arts partners who were adventurous enough to jump on board. We invite any interested non-profit arts partners in the 7-county Twin Cities metro (which is MELSA's service area) to contact us for more information.

Q: How far in advance can I reserve an offer?
A: Up to 60 days, though it's a good idea not to use both of your reservations for dates that are several weeks away, since you then can't take advantage of other offers that might be added.

Q: Do organizations have to pay a fee to be in smARTpass?
A: Absolutely not.   

Q: Are they reimbursed or compensated in some way for the free admissions?
A: No: the arts partners providing free admissions to library users through smARTpass are NOT reimbursed - they are generously providing these opportunities, and it's a great idea to express your gratitude to them for doing so! We would not be able to offer this program without them.

Q: I remember the Museum Adventure Pass. How is smARTpass different?
A: Though both programs focus on arts access to library users through free admissions and smARTpass is also first-come-first-served, smARTpass differs from MAP in several key ways:

  1. It's web-based. So there are no physical passes to check out from the libraries.
  2. Partners allow one free offer per library card barcode (one offer = two admissions) for the six months of the pilot program.
  3. Many of the partners in smARTpass are performing arts organizations (which we not able to include in MAP).
  4. smARTpass allows you to have two reservations at a time and you may reserve offers up to 60 days in advance.
  5. Offers are for particular dates. Once a reservation is made, there is no way to cancel or change/transfer it, and no way to restore that offer if a user is unable to attend for any reason.
  6. Additional free offers may be posted by partners at any time.
  7. Partners also have the option of offering discount offers.

Q: How do I see what's available on smARTpass?
A: You may choose from a number of search parameters on the left of the Find an Event page. The default is by date, starting with today's date. You can choose to see only free offers, offers from particular organizations or performances at particular venues, and more.

Q: How many offers can I reserve?
A: You may have two reservations at a time. Refer to How It Works for details.

Q: How far in advance can I reserve an offer?
A: Up to 60 days, though it's a good idea not to use both of your reservations for dates that are several weeks away since you then can't take advantage of other offers that might be added.

Q: So offers might be added?
A: One nice feature about smARTpass is that partner organizations may add offers at any time, based on how their ticket sales are going. So we urge you to check the site often for new offers.

Q: How do I keep track of how many reservations I have or whether I've already used up a reservation for a particular organization?
A: The My Reservations page keeps an ongoing list of reservations each user has made. This is important since many of the partner organizations limit each library card barcode to one reservation during the program timeframe (which is six months for the pilot).

Q: Why are some offers listed as family friendly and others aren't?
A: Some organizations recommend their performances/exhibits for adults if there's content that might not be appropriate for younger viewers, and some do have particular age recommendations just based on the length/nature of particular shows. If you have questions about whether you should bring your 10-year-old, for example, we suggest visiting the organization's website to find out more about the particular production/exhibit or giving them a call to get their recommendation.

Q: What if I can't make it to one of my reservations?
A: Great question! While you won't be able to get that offer restored to use for a future date, if you can't make it to a performance where seats are being held for you, it would be very considerate of you - and helpful to the program in general - to let them know you won't be there. (We'd like to keep the number of no-shows to a minimum!) smARTpass admissions must be used by the library card patron listed on the pass and may not be exchanged for other dates/times, canceled or transferred. Please do not contact the partner organization to try to change your reservation.

Q: Could I let my friends/neighbors/relatives use my tickets instead?
A: smARTpass reservations are not transferrable, though if you contact the box office they may - or may not - allow you to give your tickets to someone else. You definitely want to prearrange this, though, rather than giving your smARTpass voucher to someone else who may then find that they are not able to use it when they get there. (Most organizations require photo i.d. to go with your smARTpass voucher.)

Q: What do the different event icons mean?
A: Family Friendly events are appropriate for all ages. Over 6 events are appropriate for children 6 years of age and up. Over 18 designates events that include adult themes, content, language, nudity or other elements.

The discount tag is for events that are discounted for smARTpass users, typically 25-50% off or more. Free means that smARTpass users will receive two free admissions to events that have costs associated with tickets. Open events are free but may require reservations/registration. These events do not have costs associated with tickets and generally do not count against your smARTpass reservation limits.